Everyone Loves Nolan North – Episode 165 – Dense Pixels Podcast

This week we discuss the impending video game voice actor strike, Steam finally being able to use the best controller in the business, rumored news from BlizzCon, the Red Dead 2 announcement, and much more!

That Movie Does Need to be Made


When filmmakers announce a new movie online, especially if it is an adaptation, sequel, or remake, it is a safe bet that among the first comments will be the statement, “Why are they making this? It does not need to be a movie.” I am here to tell you that those comments are incorrect and what the people actually mean is, “This does not interest me in the least and I don’t know why anyone finds it interesting.” That is a perfectly acceptable response. Not every film is for you, and that is ok, but just because you’re not interested, doesn’t mean the film should not exist.

Look Forward Ep45: Come on, Man!


This week on Look Forward the dynamic duo of political podcasting is back to discuss Trump’s growing list of sexual allegations, a surprising race in Utah, marijuana legalization around the country, shadow wars in Africa, more fallout in Aleppo and much more!

PREMIUM Airing of Grievances – Ep59: The Smelly Car


Airing of Grievances episode 59, The Smelly Car, in which Jay and Micah discuss the episode where Jerry’s car gets laced with some serious body order from a valet at a restaurant. Meanwhile George runs into his ex, Susan, who is now a lesbian and in a relationship. The hosts discuss body odors, dating someone who has since come out gay, sexual scenarios, and the age old MORONIC thought of “flipping a person” to a different sexuality.

Review: Kevin Hart: What Now?


Stand-up comedy is a funny thing (pun completely intended), it’s a money making vehicle for companies as they can get millions back on minuscule budgets. It is also one of the few types of films released in theaters that are not narratively based, not to mention its status as personal entertainment, wherein stand-up is so successful because it so completely connects to people. Part of stand-up comedy’s (and comedy’s in general) appeal is that the main figures, the comedians, are relatable; they flesh out stories that we understand the inherent humor in, and they build upon it. They provide new outlooks on common situations that make us look differently at them, with more of an amiable contentedness. Kevin Hart, one of the most recognizable comedians today with a career that has been skyrocketing, built his career on this concept. He is a small man with a Napoleonic complex a mile wide, but he’s relatable, his physical and life struggles combined with his brash attitude and fiery delivery has connected with audiences over the past decade not only in his stand-up specials, but also in his movies as well. However, with his most recent production of Kevin Hart: What Now? we see a heinous decline in form, as the entire special comes off as a sort of weird, ego-driven pat on the back that Hart gives to himself, resulting in a comedy production only faithful Kevin Hart fans will enjoy.

Three Months in Hell – Ep247 – The Nerdpocalypse Podcast


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the guys are back to discuss evolution in 3D projection technology, charging your phone on the go, Supergirl, Agents of Shield, Mera from Justice League, Ghost Rider, Logan villains, Marvel crossing with Fox on TV, The Defenders, Captain Marvel, Valiant, Ninjak, Iron Fist, Rogue One, Power Rangers, John Wick: Chapter 2, and more.

Review: The Accountant


An engaging action movie starring Ben Affleck doing his best John Wick impression, The Accountant stars a quality cast doing good work in a fun film worth your time and money. J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Anna Kendrick, John Lithgow and Ben Affleck all turn in excellent performances in a violent tale about an autistic accountant who unravels complicated financial books for evil people when money goes missing, and turns out to be more formidable than anyone could imagine when the bad guys break his moral code.

Look Forward Ep44: The Call is Coming from Inside the House


This week on Look Forward the dynamic duo of political podcasting reads YOUR emails!!! The guys discuss their thoughts on the second presidential debate, jailing your political opponents, Haiti, doing something on TV that hasn’t been done yet, more discussions on Pussghazi AKA Pussygate, sexual assault, GOP civil war, the Central Park Five, and much more. What a time to be alive!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Guy Revenge Simulator – Episode 164 – Dense Pixels Podcast


This week we have a long conversation about Mafia III, both about its merits as a game but also as a conduit for examining social issues. We also find out what it would take Micah to buy PlayStation VR, reveal how not to react to a simple misunderstanding, laugh at Brad’s confusion over the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s locale, and much more!

VP Debate and #Pussygate – Look Forward Podcast


Mini episode where the dynamic duo of political podcasting jump in the studio to quickly discuss their thoughts on the VP debate between skim milk and wonder bread. The two hosts then discuss the fallout of what Andy has called #Pussygate (use that hashtag EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!)