Bizarre Nintendo Strategies – Episode 142 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Carrie joins Brad and Terrence this week to discuss the NX release anouncement and how the early life of the console may look. We also have a massive amount of indifference to the new Call of Duty announcement, talk development costs of games, how it feels to have a video game played on your boobs, and more!

Mouthful of Toast – Episode 41: “DO YOUR JOB”

Carrie and Justin (with Nathan for a hot second before Comcast ruins everything) take a look at the long-overdue Ace Attorney series in this new slice, plus discuss Joker Game as well as the ongoing Ghost in the Shell controversy. Plus, Carrie gives a local con the what-for when it comes to actually getting things done.

Review: Keanu


The latest from the comedic duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele is Keanu, an action-comedy film that somehow manages to mix intense gang violence with small, adorable baby animals. Though it’s certainly not going to be a blockbuster, it might have enough to tide viewers over until we truly get into the summer movie season.

Blast Processing! – Episode 141 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Micah is off galavanting in Europe this week, so Terrence and Brad bring in Rob from Black on Black Cinema to help them hold down the fort! Among the topics discussed this week are: the new project from Supergiant, Terrence’s disbelief at Pokken Tournament, workplace standards in the gaming industry, acceptable eSports sponsors, and more!

PREMIUM CONTENT – Thunderball – The Men With the Golden Tongues


Thunderball is the Connery Bond film that leaves Brad and Micah conflicted. How great is this film really? We also debate the two theme songs for the film (while both doing a pretty mean Tom Jones!), discuss the depth and range of the performances from the actors, Bond at his most baller, why black people love Nassau, and so much more!

PREMIUM Airing of Grievances – Ep48: The Contest


Airing of Grievances episode 48, The Contest, in which Jay and Micah discuss the episode where Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer make a bet on who can go the longest with masturbating. The hosts discuss their theories on how much is too much and their ‘one day records.’

Don’t You Profess Your Love – Ep225 – The Nerdpocalypse Podcast


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the crew is back to discuss the Watly 3.0, the most upsetting stupid tech story Jack has ever heard, Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Hasbro Cinematic Universe, Sherlock Holmes 3, Terminator franchise, and much more.

The Deadly Political Experiment – Look Forward Podcast


FREE FULL EPISODE: This week on Look Forward, Jay is joined by former co-host Brad from our very first political podcast back in 2011. The two sit down to discuss the current state of the race, New York results, civil forfeiture, Goldman Sachs fines, North Carolina bathroom laws and much more.

Ethiopian Micah – Episode 140 – Dense Pixels Podcast

In this episode Micah has a Guile-gasm, we debate which of May’s MOBA shooters we will end up picking up, look at the crazy inner workings of Rockstar Studios, take a piss on baseball and soccer (much to Brad’s dismay), and more!

Review: Barbershop: The Next Cut


When a franchise reaches its third iteration in the series, it more often than not isn’t very good. Taking a franchise that hasn’t had a sequel in ten years and bringing it back to the masses seems like a terrible idea, especially when no one was really asking for it. That however is what Ice Cube and crew have decided to do with Barbershop: The Next Cut. Is it any good? Stay tuned to find out.