FREE SAMPLE PREMIUM Airing of Grievances – Ep32: The Pez Dispenser


Airing of Grievances episode 32, The Pez Dispenser, in which Jay and Micah discuss the episode when George is dating a pianist, Kramer tries to self a cologne, and Jerry and Elaine are forced to be in an intervention. The hosts discuss polar bear plunges, laughing in bad situations, and much more.

I’d Give It a 7 Out of 5 – Episode 115 – Dense Pixels Podcast


This week the crew talks about how much money Yu Suzuki should have asked for to make Shenmue 3, Call of Duty’s needless attempt to attract attention to Black Ops 3, new video game theme park attractions we want to see, and more!

Eve’s Bayou: Black on Black Cinema Ep68

This week on Black on Black Cinema, the crew discuss the 1997 film, Eve’s Bayou. Set in Louisiana around a little girl named Eve and her family. The little girl witnesses something startling and it begins to unravel the many secrets of her family.

PREMIUM Airing of Grievances – Ep31: The Subway


Airing of Grievances episode 31, The Subway, in which Jay and Micah discuss the episode where all four main character each meet up and have fully explained individual adventures on the subway. The hosts discuss gambling, fat shaming, 90s homophobia, how men are sexually easy, and much more.

Review: The Martian


The lights go down, the screen goes black, and the next thing viewers see is a group of astronauts already on Mars, a catastrophe about to occur. From the very beginning The Martian is entertaining but empty, devoid of consequence or empathy but still a fun ride despite itself.

Rumpology Readings – Ep199 – The Nerdpocalypse Podcast


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the crew is back to discuss newly discovered water on Mars, Spider-Man in the MCU updates, Alien: Paradise Lost, Old Man Logan, Batman Beyond, Fast and the Furious, Men in Black and much more.

Review: Sicario


Sicario. It means “hitman”. This is what we are told at the beginning of this gorgeous film. Do you like gripping suspense and thrills? Do you love beautiful cinematography that remembers film making truly is an art form? Do you need a bit of odd pacing and loud music that sounds like a mix of scores from a horror film and a Godzilla flick? Well this is the movie for you!

FREE FULL EPISODE: HuckaRITOS – Look Forward Podcast


This week on ‘Look Forward,’ Jay and Rob discuss John Boehner’s retirement announcement, Immigration all across Europe, Waterboarding, tax plans from the GOP candidates, and much more.

You Can Scope Deez’ Nuts – Episode 114 – Dense Pixels Podcast


This week the crew talks up the need for campaigns in shooters, the true importance (and value) of video game voice actors, the real reason to get a VR headset, the legacy of the PlayStation Vita, and a lot more!

PREMIUM Airing of Grievances – Ep30: The Suicide


Airing of Grievances episode 30, The Suicide, in which Jay and Micah discuss the episode where Jerry flirts with his neighbor’s girlfriend and the guy gets so jealous that he attempts to kill himself. The hosts discuss suicide, smoking while pregnant, and how they would end it all.