Ranking Officer in the Boomerang Army – Ep241 – The Nerdpocalypse Podcast


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the crew is back to discuss new planet discoveries, Amazon Prime’s new pilots, additional heroes in Spider-Man: Homecoming, would be characters in the Fast franchise, movies turning into tv series, tv series turning into movies, and much more.

Review: Hands Of Stone


Biopics are a funny genre of movie, putting the complications and complexities of a real life in competition with a director and actor’s ability to succinctly and entertainingly portray their “character”, in both a metaphorical and very real sense. This dichotomy turns out to be more of a struggle than anything else in writer/director Johnathan Jakubowicz’s film studying the life of Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán, Hands of Stone. Starring Édgar Ramírez as Durán and Robert De Niro as is trainer Ray Arcel, this American-Panamanian joint production is very much a mess from beginning to end: the “hero” of the film is a bit of a reprehensible character, the pacing is absolutely decimated by terrible storyboarding, and in the end there is no real meaning to the film as its dual narratives of Roberto and his country Panama are caught up in a sort of jumbled mishmash of ideas and themes that leave both stories wanting for more.

Mouthful of Toast – Episode 49: “Jersey Shore Mafia”

Tim’s back to join Carrie and Justin for a discussion of some of the new shows this season, including Sweetness & Lightning, as well as Days (though the amount of Days involved is a subject for debate, apparently). Plus, the Toast Hosts discuss what YOU PEOPLE wanted as well as give a run-down of the last Baltimore-held Otakon!

PIXELSLAM ‘16!!!!: Changing the *?%& Out Them Channels – Episode 157 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Summerslam 2016 was this past weekend, so the best video game podcast that also occasionally reviews wrestling events in the world breaks it down and tell you why Brooklyn sucks! On the video game front, Micah gives his completely uninformed No Man’s Sky review, we go in hard on Square and Konami, talk about Nintendo’s most successful business deal of the year, tell you which video game-themed clothing will be tops on your Christmas list this year, and so much more!

Game Developers and the Fans Who Hate Them


What is it that makes the story of Frankenstein’s monster so palpable, so relatable? The story has the impact it does as it is one of the earliest works of modern fiction that so inherently connects man to something he cannot understand, that being death. In all of the story’s representations, one piece of connective tissue between monster and man rings the truest: the dejection by society, the hunting with torches and pitchforks, the judgement. What drives Frankenstein’s monster mad is often not his own nature, but his reaction to a critique the society he so badly wants to please places on him.

Brad Can’t Afford a Prostitute – Ep240 – The Nerdpocalypse Podcast


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the crew is back to discuss a breakthrough in zero-G technology, The Get Down, War Dogs, newly greenlit Jack Ryan series, Cyborg in the Flash movie, Marvel’s Runaways coming to Hulu, Cable and Domino casting talk, McG potential ruining another franchise, and much more.

Trapped in the Closet: A Telltale Game – Episode 156 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Carrie subs in for Micah this week as we give a detailed impression on what we think of our first 15 hours or so of No Man’s Sky and where we see the game going from here. We also discuss what will hopefully be the next Telltale story-driven experience, your thoughts on the ‘Augs Lives Matter’ controversy, your no-brainer purchase of the fall, the next fan-made target for immediate takedown, and much more!

Mouthful of Toast – Episode 48: “Do NOT Give Me an Exacto Knife”

Carrie and Justin are back to talk about two very different series – Orange, and Mob Psycho 100! The Toast Hosts also look at the latest news in the business, from serious media industry announcements to weird toy stuff to even Willem Dafoe!

Welcome to the Grid – Ep239 – The Nerdpocalypse Podcast


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the crew is back to discuss Star Trek Beyond, Supermeat, toaster technology, Ghost Rider back in the comics, potential sequel to Ghostbusters, expanding the Spider-Man movie universe, silly casting nonsense from Gotham, Man of Steel 2, Scarface remake, Oceans Eight, an in depth talk about Suicide Squad, and much more.

Manifest Destiny – Episode 155 – Dense Pixels Podcast


This week we discuss why white people are probably really excited for No Man’s Sky, discuss impressions of Doom and the Telltale Batman game, have a serious discussion about using hot-button world topics to promote media, and much more!