Love School for Nerds Podcast – Ep32: My Second Chance at Real Happiness

Love School for Nerds Podcast – Ep32: <em>My Second Chance at Real Happiness</em>

This week on Love School for Nerds, Jay and Abiola discuss a letter from a woman who is torn between here new husband and their loving relationship and her son. Having to make choices as to whether to help her son with his life (at least temporarily) or send him out on his own like her new husband prefers. Its quite the dilemma for all parties involved. Take a listen to see how Jay and Abiola break this one down and give the best advice possible.

Review: The Equalizer

Review: <em>The Equalizer</em>

Apparently the older you get, the more bad ass you become. At least that’s what Denzel Washington and Liam Neeson are trying to prove. Between the two of them they’ve laid to waste countless numbers of dead bodies in the last 4 – 5 years of their careers. The body count doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon if Washington’s new movie, The Equalizer, has anything to do with it.

The Nerdpocalypse Podcast – Ep 150: You Are Eating Almost Baby

The Nerdpocalypse Podcast – Ep 150: <em>You Are Eating Almost Baby</em>

This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the crew is back to discuss foreign access to Netflix, Rich people’s Facebook, expressing yourself from your face, Image Comics’ Low, Velvet, Lucifer TV show, Suicide Squad movie, Supergirl TV show gets a full series commitment, discussion on whether or not comic book TV shows are at critical mass, X-Men: Apocalypse synopsis, Gotham and much more.

Dense Pixels Podcast – Episode 69: Sous-vide Cooking

Dense Pixels Podcast – Episode 69: <em>Sous vide Cooking</em>

The Dense Pixels returns with a barren week for news. Along with a lot of trailer talk, we make fun of a dictator, talk some Assassin’s Creed, have a discussion on cooking. Yes, cooking. Bonus: We’re giving away free games! Listen to find out how to snag a copy of The Sims 4 and NHL for XBox One!

How To Bring Deadpool to the Movies

How To Bring <em>Deadpool</em> to the Movies

Fox Studios has finally given Deadpool an official release date. After years of speculation, talks of an amazing script, and faux progress reports from principle actors and writers this movie is upon us. February 12, 2016 will bring with it either one of the most unique comic book experiences from Fox or possibly its worst.

Review: This is Where I Leave You

Review: <em>This is Where I Leave You</em>

Not by any means a fantastical story or even a unique one, This is Where I Leave You, works not in spite of those facts but because of them. A film based on the novel of the same name and directed by Shawn Levy (A Night at the Museum movie series) is the right story at the right time. Hitting theaters after the blockbuster summer fest is a well written, smart, funny, and heartwarming story about where lives intersect and what happens when they do.

Comicbook TV Shows: Together or Apart?

Comicbook TV Shows: Together or Apart?

As Gotham and The Flash enter into the budding television space that Arrow and Agents of SHIELD seem to dominate, the questions of cohesion begin to arise. Marvel and DC are natural rivals in both comicbooks and films at this point. It looks like television will be no exception. Currently, it would be very hard to argue that DC is not wiping the floor with Marvel when it comes to these weekly hero series.

The Nerdpocalypse Podcast – Ep 149: Grandma Says, ‘Go Big or Go Home’

The Nerdpocalypse Podcast – Ep 149: <em>Grandma Says, Go Big or Go Home</em>


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the crew discuss 3D printed cars, an app that sounds very familiar, Venom comics, Terminator reboot, Avatar sequels, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequels, Punisher cameos, Daredevil update, Teen Titans television show, The Bourne Identity series, and much more.

Dense Pixels Podcast – Episode 68: High Fructose Urine

Dense Pixels Podcast – Episode 68: <em>High Fructose Urine</em>

The Dense Pixels crew is back.  Brad joins us once again as the guys talk about the Gamestop Expo in California, 90’s energy drinks, Super Smash Bros and Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft creator Mojang.  Also, Terrence gets immortalized on a shirt.


Mouthful of Toast Podcast– Episode 5: Slam the Ham

Mouthful of Toast Podcast– Episode 5: <em>Slam the Ham</em>

Episode 5 sprints into the classroom with a Back-to-School theme, kicked off by the latest news and the crew’s impressions of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun.  Tim says good-bye to Mr. Despair, Carrie finally challenges us to a duel with Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Yen solves the mystery of Hyouka.  Plus, convention horror stories!