Review: Logan

Since 2000, the X-Men adapted movie franchise has swayed back and forth in my opinion from good to barely watchable. Some of it is age, for both the films, and me but mostly it’s just been a series bogged down by bland writing, forgettable performances, and recycled storylines. In 2016, with some much needed fresh blood, Deadpool revived my waning interest in all things X-Men.

Deeper Thoughts From a Drunk Mind: We Drink With, Part 2

Excellent, welcome back! Week one of this column we encouraged more drinking of the devil’s water. Typical. But, we left a story unfinished.

Like I said, a lot more drinking was done over the next couple years. One interesting evening I watched the gayest African-American I know formally forgive all white people for slavery right before passing out in his boyfriend’s lap. Roger, not a typo. Judge me if you want, but gay people party harder than any of us heteros ever could. And he liked that hard liquor, too. I like my beer and tequila, but I’m talking about chugging Crown directly out of the bottle while pre-gaming. Which leads me to my thought for the week.

Look Forward – Ep60 – Just A Boy With A Dream

This week on Look Forward, the dynamic duo of political podcasting are back but with a returning guest! Jay and Andy are joined by Erica to discuss Trump’s first 30 days, the Flynn fallout, impeachment chatter, fake terrorist acts, back channel talks in Ukraine, NATO, and much more!

Benedict CumberBLACK – Ep262- The Nerdpocalypse Podcast

This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the guys are back (and drinking quite a bit) to discuss 24: Legacy, the latest Underworld movie, La La Land, airport carry-on tech, the new indie Pineville comic, Secret Empire from Marvel, more Philip K. Dick shows, The Raid remake, Mel Gibson, more controversy about the The Batman, and much more.

Scary Castlevania! – Episode 181 – Dense Pixels Podcast

This week we’re discussing what we think it means when Destiny 2 will be more accessible to casual players, a survival horror game that’s only survival horror to one person, what different settings Call of Duty could use, the benefits of ending Steam’s Greenlight program, how recent travel restrictions can negatively impact the games industry, and much more!

First Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

As part of the lead-up to the release of the Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo has been touring the country and stopping in major cities to promote the new console. On February 11, 2017, I had the chance to attend one of these promotional events in Washington, DC. While I’ve attended some Nintendo events over the years – both at conventions and outside of them – I was still blown away by what I saw at the Switch tour.

Deeper Thoughts From a Drunk Mind: Kneeling Before the Gods

For the sake of proper deniability and the nature of illegality and perjury that would ever be called into question when reviewing these tales, I will keep the names of all persons involved reduced to simple pronouns or false pseudonyms. These are the stories of a drunken stumble through a quarter century of life. The sum of which can be attributed to a teeter totter balancing act of good willed intentions, wasted potential, realized initiative, and fortuitous accomplishments marinated in a decade of heavy alcohol abuse, recreational drug use, and great company.

Look Forward – Ep59 – A Maximum of Nine

This week on Look Forward, the dynamic duo of political podcasting are back after surviving week 3 of the Trump administration’s hellish reign. Jay and Andy discuss the new controversy with Michael Flynn, the British dossier information getting more corroboration, Elizabeth Warren, banned travel “ban,” Edward Snowden, and much more.

Equinsu Ocha – Episode 180 – Dense Pixels Podcast

Brad and Micah have a jam-packed show this week where we discuss Micah’s very early impressions of Nioh, new content for Elder Scrolls Online, EA’s stubborn ass, where we think the PS4 will end up in lifetime sales, the exotification of black women in games, the stupidest eating utensil ever, and much more!

Review: Fifty Shades Darker

There are two really solid movies releasing this weekend. Those would be Lego Batman and John Wick 2. Both of those look awesome! Did I get to go to a screener for either of them?

No. No I did not. I saw Fifty Shades Darker instead.

Before I begin this review in earnest I should state for the record that I have not read any of the books and I have not seen the first movie. So this film – again, a sequel to a movie I haven’t seen based on a book series I have not read – probably wasn’t the best choice for me to go see. And yet.