PREMIUM Airing of Grievances – Ep58: The Junior Mint


Airing of Grievances episode 58, The Junior Mint, in which Jay and Micah discuss the episode where Elaine’s friend is dying and she takes Jerry along when she goes to see him. Meanwhile Jerry is dating a woman who he can’t remember her name. The hosts discuss not knowing things about the female anatomy when the episode was released, being honest about what you want, and how to deal with introductions when you are in a relationship.

Jesus Didn’t Frank – Ep245 – The Nerdpocalypse Podcast


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the guys are back to discuss getting into fights, saving gunshot victims, wind turbines, three parents, Valiant’s cinematic universe, The Strain, Ninjak, The Purge TV show, Superior, Amazon’s new shows, The Lion King, and much more.

PREMIUM CONTENT – The Man With the Golden Gun – The Men With the Golden Tongues


Andy Gaston from Look Forward and the Flawedcast network joins Micah and Brad to discuss the best bad Bond movie: The Man With the Golden Gun. Find out who saves this film (hint: it’s not hard to guess), listen to the best Bond theme that never was, witness James Bond at his most certified-G level, and much more!

Once Again, What YOU PEOPLE Want – Episode 162 – Dense Pixels Podcast


When confronted with one of the lightest dockets we’ve ever had, there’s only one thing to be done…that’s right! We ask what YOU PEOPLE want us to talk about! Among the topics you bring us are TJ Perkins’ awesome new WWE entrance, who wins a 007 street fight, when we take video games too far, Cam Newton’s next post-game look, and much more!

A Very Against Police Judge! – Look Forward Podcast


This week on Look Forward the dynamic duo of political podcasting return to talk all about the first presidential debate held at Hofstra University in New York between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There was blood, guts, violence, rockets, flags, truths, half-truths, lies, semi exact lies, and everything in between. Jay and Andy breakdown some wonky parts, make fun of the insanity and give you some fuel to take back to your conservative uncle.

Review: The Magnificent Seven


Coming out with a remake in today’s movie climate is something of a risk; with the glut of remakes, reboots, and the general re-use of tired themes throughout Hollywood productions, the public and reviewers are growing less and less forgiving. Just look at the recent performances of movies such as Conan the Barbarian, Ben-Hur, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, films that languished either critically, financially, or both.

They are Selling People! – Ep244 – The Nerdpocalypse Podcast


This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the crew is back to talk Agents of SHIELD, Ghost Rider, Marvel variants, Ghost in the Shell, Power Rangers and their zords, Tremors 6, Jumanji sequel, The Dark Tower, Assassin’s Creed, Spawn, and much more.

PREMIUM Airing of Grievances – Ep57: The Handicap Spot


Airing of Grievances episode 57, The Handicap Spot, in which Jay and Micah discuss the episode where all four characters come together to buy their friend a wedding present. Meanwhile the second story is about George dealing with the consequences of parking in a handicap spot. The hosts discuss chipping in on a gift, parking in handicap parking spaces, and other run-ins with the handicapped people over the years. Not an episode to be missed, trust us!

My Favorite Store on the Citadel, Ohh Yeeeeah! – Episode 161 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Brad is back and dishing about his experience at the Gamestop Expo. Hear his thoughts on whether or not VR will be a solid investment, the game he’s most bullish on coming out of the expo, and impressions of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Forza Horizon 3 among others. We also discuss Titanfall, which American-made videogame characters belong on a stamp, why some Pokemon GO users are waving the flag of entitlement, what Macho Man Randy Savage would sound like in Mass Effect, and more!

I Want President Lisa Simpson – Look Forward Podcast


This week Jay and Andy return to discuss the meta moment of an Obama meme, John Kasich gets super real and super reasonable, Newsweek’s bombshell article on the Trump Organization, bombing strikes in Yemen, Mike Pence’s ideal VP style, Maternity Leave proposals of the candidates, Colin Powell, and much more.